Thursday, January 23, 2014

Valentine's Day Creativity~How to Share God's Love Extravagently

Valentines Day is my favorite holiday by far because it gives me extra opportunities to show my family how very much I love them and how deeply our Heavenly Father loves them. Here are a few ideas to lavish love on your husband and children this year.

Countdown to Valentines Day:

I made this Countdown to Valentines Day for my awesome hubby this year by printing off a blank February calendar (just google calendar templates), adding some red card stock and decorations, and including two of his favorite things...Dove chocolates and sincere compliments/praise. For each day leading up to Valentines Day, I wrote something that I love about him. I then taped a Dove chocolate over each day to hide the words. Each day he can enjoy something sweet for his soul and for his belly :-).

U R A Winner Valentine Cards for my son's 1st grade class:

To create an affordable, easy, and fun Valentine for my son to give his friends this year, we cut red and pink card stock in four rectangles, and my son drew tic tac toe boards on them and wrote the words "U R A Winner" on top. We put them in a ziplock bag and included 18 M&M's (9 each of 2 different colors). His friends will have fun playing tic tac toe and then will have the added benefit of enjoying a few yummy M&M's.

Pop Quiz (Ring Pop) Valentines

To add to his Tic Tac Toe Valentines, we made these cute Ring Pop Valentines with anyone free printable tag that says, "Pop Quiz-Will you be my Valentine". The link for the tags can be found here:
I found heart cellophane bags at the Dollar Tree and Valentine Ring Pops at Walmart.  


February Family Devotions:

I stumbled across this idea on Pinterest, and quickly purchased the 99 cent download.
 The blog author has written short family devotions for the 28 days in February on the subject of God's love and loving others through acts of kindness. I printed out each devotional, cut out the days, put them in individual envelopes, and decorated a bag to store them in. There are 6 "Kindness in Action" days where you are asked to perform an act of kindness as a family. There is a printable list of possible ideas for you to choose from or you can come up with your own ideas. I look forward to sharing these devotions and sharing God's love through acts of service with my family each day during the month of February.

Valentine Mailboxes:

This is a recurrent Valentine tradition in our home, and my 7 year old son starts anticipating it as early as January 1st :-). I have a mailbox for my husband and two children, and each day I fill their mailboxes with a sweet note, a special snack or candy, or a small toy or book. I found the mailboxes for a $1 at Target and Michaels, and the treats I buy during after-Christmas clearance sales or from the Dollar Tree. My son goes to bed each night in February super excited about waking up to see his mailbox surprises :-).

Valentine Treats:

I also love making special Valentine treats each year. Here are a few links to Valentine recipes that I have posted in the past:

 Toddler Valentine Snack Mix:


Baked Heart Shaped Donuts:


2 Ingredient Strawberry Fudge:


Valentine Chex Mix:


Blessings Dear Friends!

May your Love overflow and overwhelm others with kindness this Valentines Day. God's Unfailing Love enables us to Love Deeply with no other purpose than to draw others to the Agape love of our Heavenly Father.