Friday, February 11, 2011

Adoption Auction and Fundraising Opportunity

My wonderful friend, Elizabeth from Elizabeth Engelhardt Creations, is hosting an auction for an adorable girl's tutu and leggings with the proceeds going towards our adoption costs. Check out this link and place a bid :). We are so thankful for Elizabeth and her cousin's generous donations.

We have been so blessed to have Elizabeth Englehardt helping us raise money for our adoption costs.

Elizabeth has become a dear friend of our over the past two years. We were first put in contact with her when we were pregnant with Savannah and she made Savannah's birth announcements. You can see just how beautiful and special they were by clicking here:

Not only is Elizabeth hosting an auction for us, but she has so kindly offered to give all proceeds of orders that you place directly to us for our adoption. She does amazing work-thank you cards, baby books, birthday invitations, baby announcements, scrapbook pages, bookmarks, postcards, etc... Every order is custom made and she will make them exactly the way you would like them. So, hop over to her website and take a look. If you decide to place an order then please put "Emma Burrell" in your order notes. And, while you are there, take a moment to pray for her sweet family that God's love will be poured out in abundance on them as they seek to serve and help others. Elizabeth's button is on the corner of this just click it and you will be taken directly to her website. If you have any questions then just email me at .

We are so thankful for Elizabeth and her cousin's generous donations. I continue to be amazed at the generosity of people who have never met us yet are so willing to help us bring our Emma home. God's love is shining through people like Elizabeth and her cousin!
If you would like to get updates about our adoption process, then just go here to our adoption blog:

Praying her home,
Darin, Christina and Jaythan

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